About Honey Monsoon...

Honey Monsoon formed in mid-2016 in Ypsilanti, MI. With a shared interest in jazz, jazz fusion, world music, and neo-soul, the group writes, performs, and produces their own music and visual art. Over the last two years, they have developed a following in South-Eastern Michigan, performing at many local venues and festivals including Hash Bash, Ann Arbor Summer Festival’s Top of the Park, and Ypsilanti Heritage Festival.

Honey Monsoon at Om of Medicine (Ann Arbor, MI)

Honey Monsoon at Om of Medicine (Ann Arbor, MI)

Collectively, the group has a passion for expression, mutual growth, holism, and a dedication to creating positive, uplifting, and honest art. They released their debut album, “Rose Gold”, a sweet combination of jazz and indie with rich lyrical concepts and colorful progressions, in November 11, 2017.

They are currently working on their second album, “Opal Soul”, a change of pace from their previous work, including diverse soundscapes, and world-rhythms.

Leo James Willer - Paintbrushes

Leo began painting with his grandma as a child, and kept sketchbooks and painted throughout the years he was in school. He was given an opportunity to live paint with a friend's jam band and developed a passion for painting to music as a performer and thereby met many people, including Ana and Taylor, in south-eastern Michigan's music scene. Creating something in a musical performance has become a well loved aspect of his career. He is heavily inspired by regeneration, stimulation, truth, jazz, hip-hop, and street art. He has traveled to Europe as a resident artist and is developing. 

Ana Gomulka - Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Ana began playing music as a child, her parents were classical and jazz musicians. She considers her voice her primary instrument, and piano her second instrument. She picked up the guitar when she was 12 and taught herself to play through learning covers and eventually developing her passion as a songwriter. In college she began to perform with bands, which led her to the idea to start a creative project focused around original music, live art, and a broad creative vision motivated by the empowerment of women in music. She enjoys reading, painting, and taking care of her plants in her spare time. 

Taylor Greenshields - Drums, Sound Engineer

Taylor got a drum set from Santa when he was 9 years old, and has played drums ever since. As he got older, his passion journeyed through classic rock to funk to jazz, and everything in between. In high school, he began recording with his first band and developed an interest in the recording process. His love for studio engineering rapidly grew as he recorded Honey Monsoon's debut album. He contributed his musical services to the Michigan music community and recently founded his own studio, Fundamental Sound Co.. He enjoys helping people's musical ideas come into reality, and spends time creating graphic art based on original photography. 

Sam Naples - Guitar, sOUND eNGINEER

Sam is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, and engineer. He first picked up a guitar when he was 12 years old, and almost immediately knew it would be a massive part of his life. Initially influenced by rock, blues, and jazz music, Sam studied improvisational guitar under the direction of Charlie “Groove Master” Tomlin. In high school, Sam undertook an independent study in studio recording and audio production, an experience that sparked his interest in electronic music and sound design. This path inspired him to obtain his degree in Audio Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2015. Currently based out of Detroit, Sam is involved in a variety of local bands across a wide span of musical styles. He can also be found running live sound reinforcement at a number of local music venues, recording/producing studio music for his peers’ bands, and educating young players who are beginning their musical journey through private lessons.